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In front of you is the first newsletter of the Mars Society Netherlands. In this issue and those to come we will keep you updated about the activities that we are about to organize and other related activities and media outages. We'll also keep you updated about the newest developments in the Mars Society and its different chapters and about Mars exploration and colonization in general. 
The Mars Society Netherlands is a new chapter of The Mars Society. Find more on its goals and purposes over here
Right now we're still in the process of setting up our organization. We elected our board and set out the lines amongst which we hope the Mars Society Netherlands will develop. The website has been set up, together with sister pages on some of the popular social platforms.


People often ask the Mars Society Netherlands about the plan to settle Mars, as they still have some doubts or uncertainties. That's why we have decided to organize interactive discussion meetings, where we will reflect on things like why we should go and what it will be like. These meetings will be held at different locations in the Netherlands. Keep an eye on our website for the dates and locations:
We also lead discussions on request, starting from a 10+ audience. The meetings will be free of charge. We'll ask you to sign up for our newsletter and/or make a voluntary donation if you want to support the Mars mission.

Recommended: Dutch tv documentaries about space

Lately some interesting documentary series for space fans have appeared on Dutch television. First there was De wilde ruimte, in which science journalist Anna Gimbrère explores the world of space travel. She speaks with astronauts, builders of space ships, a professor in space law and other experts to get an idea where we stand. Watch her dive into some strange experiences, like growing potatoes in Mars simulant soil and participating in an extra-vehicular activity on a volcano in Hawaii!

The documentary series Govert naar de grenzen van het heelal is still running. After examining the threat of a meteorite impact and what astronomy means for our earthly existence, the third episode focusses on the colonization of Mars. While science journalist Govert Schilling himself is still in doubt whether our future lies in space, he reveals some interesting things about our relationship with the red planet. From delusions of the eye to realistic plans for a 3D-printed city.

Further news:

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image Zubrin Responds to New Pence-NASA Lunar InitiativeIn response to U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's NASA announcement in Huntsville, Alabama earlier today, Mars Society President Dr. Robert Zubrin commented:Vice President Pence's declaration of intent to land Americans…

Sign up for the Rover 2020 mission to Mars!

NASA gives you the chance to send your name to Mars, on board of the Mars 2020-rover, which will be launched next year. Your name will be etched on a chip and you'll receive a boarding pass. Sign up here for free. 
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